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The Kingsport Kiwanis Club uses a variety of communication tools to inform its members and the public about our service in the community. Kiwanis is a service organization, primarily focused on the needs of young children in our region. We also serve the most needy of our older residents through service projects at Kiwanis Towers.

Some of the communications tools we use to provide "news" include this web site, a Facebook page, local newspaper and TV programs, radio talk shows and a club newsletter, The Key. Many of our current news stories can be found in the issues of The Key. These can be accessed by placing your cursor on the News tab on our Home Page and then clicking on "Newsletter" in the drop down menu. On the Newsletter page that opens, select the year you wish to research and then click on the View symbol for the specific issue.

The Club History is available under the About Us tab. More detailed information on our major service projects is available under the "Projects" tab.

Our club, in concert with all Kiwanis Clubs around the world, is engaged in a mammoth effort to eradicate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus, a disease that kills many new born babies in remote areas of the world. In partnership with UNICEF, we have committeed to raise $110 million to eliminate this disease (Eliminate Project). Our club has committeed to provide at least $40,000 to this effort. For just $1.80 per mother, a health care worker can be sent to the remote areas, provide health care training and give a tetanus shot to a young mother, thus protecting the mother and her unborn child from this deadly disease. Just a $1.80 can save a child!

If you have a passion for making Kingsport a great place to raise children and live, come talk to us!