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Remarks on Kiwanis Towers


Judy Ford

 Manager – Kiwanis Towers

Friday, September 26, 2014


Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of your meeting and to share some of Kiwanis Towers with you. (Also thank you for the delicious dinner last night. It was wonderful to see all that this Kiwanis Club has done for our community through the past 90 years.)

Kiwanis Towers is a 94 unit, independent living, apartment building for seniors, 62 and older. We provide safe, secure and affordable housing for 96 seniors at this time. KT is subsidized by HUD, so residents pay rent based on their income and medical expenses. It's approximately 30 of their adjusted monthly income. All utilities are included in their rent. Currently our waiting list is about 3-6 months. There are 12 handicap units, and 82 regular units.

We have a Service Coordinator who works with residents, helping them get services for healthcare, house cleaning, therapy, etc ... Sarah Lamb also helps with health insurance questions, problems with Social Security, or whatever problem the resident may have. She also provides educational programs. Some of the students come over from Ross N Robinson to interact with the residents, mainly playing Bingo, which everyone enjoys!

There is a lunch program provided by FTHRA, serving lunch 5 days a week. There is a $2 suggested donation for the meal, which helps fund the program. We have a beauty shop in the building, as well as a
Library, 2 laundry rooms, and a beautiful patio out back where the residents can sit and visit, watch the squirrels and birds, and get some fresh air.

We just finished up a refinance/rehab on the building. The remaining 10 year mortgage was refinanced and $1.3 million was spent on a new roof, new windows, new stucco on the outside of the building, repaired brick along top of building, rehabbed 5 handicap units with new ADA kitchens, and made the community kitchen ADA compliant. Also we had the 2 hot water boilers replaced and are already seeing a savings in electric and water bills.  Our old landscaping was also replaced.

KT is owned by National Church Residences, a non-profit organization that has close to 400 properties, either owned or managed, throughout the United States. There are affordable housing properties, health care assisted living, nursing homes and even a couple properties for homeless veterans.

Their brand is "Excellence that transforms lives."

Their 4 core values: Mission - We are driven by a deep sense that our work should serve God and always produce good for others;
Compassion - We truly care about people and seek to treat residents, employees, and neighbors with dignity, respect and fairness;
Professionalism - We strive to be excellent at what we do and to be sound managers of resources with solid, ethical business practices;

and Leadership - We will be leaders in our field: setting a good
example for others, through being visionaries, growing, and constantly

I appreciate all that you have done for KT through the years: helped buy our 14 passenger van, built a shed for the bus, drive it each Friday, and an occasional trip to Cracker Barrel and Hamricks. Trimmed trees, spread mulch, stained our fence, helped us purchase our ice machine. Those that have and now serve on our Advisory Group. And most of all sponsor our annual Christmas banquet - a sit down, catered dinner for the residents.

The residents look forward to and enjoy their Friday bus trip, to either Food city or Wal-Mart. This gives them the opportunity to go and purchase their own groceries. Wayne Ladd threatens to put Bettie Souders on top of the bus each time he drives; Jerry Johnson has taken the ladies to Cracker Barrel and Hamricks several times (and will clean out the bus while the ladies are shopping!) One Friday, Dave Stevens took a bus load to Wal-Mart and tried to help Maria Guerrero (who doesn't speak English) with her food stamp card. She forgot her PIN number, and then found another card that didn't work either. It took over 30 minutes, but Dave finally got Maria and her groceries through the line. It was a challenge, but through persevering, made it back to KT. Chuck Smith has always been a help to take the bus to have maintenance on it or whatever was needed. He's helped with seat belts and is willing to fill in whenever another driver can't make it.

Again, thank you for all your support, time and money that you've
invested in KT. It is greatly appreciated by all. You are welcome to come
by anytime. I'll be glad to give you a tour!