Serving the children of the world.


  Interested in joining Kiwanis? 

Maybe you've heard of Kiwanis but aren't sure what it is about.  Or perhaps you used to be a member elsewhere and are now residing in our region.  Either way, we welcome you to visit one of our weekly meetings to meet us and find out what we are about.  We promise you'll leave with a full stomach and with a smile on your face.

Meeting Location:

Food City Press Room

300 Roller Street

Kingsport, TN 37660

Lunch begins at 11:30 | Program begins at 12:00

RSVP or Questions:

Lee Cornell | 423-579-6723 |

Our mission is summed up in one statement: "Serving the children of the world."  

New "Membership Pathway" Program

Already visited with us but still not sure if you would like to join?  We completely understand.  Would you buy a new car without trying out a few test drives?  Of course not, and we believe that one barrier to committment to Kiwanis is not being able to take that "test drive".  Our new Membership Pathway program will allow a potential member a way to try us out first without having to put down money up front.

Under the Membership Pathway program, a prospective new member will be able to attend meetings for three months by just paying for the cost of the meal. They will be introduced each week as a prospective new member.  At the end of the three months, the prospective new member will be interviewed and will decide to either join or that Kiwanis is not a match for them.

During the trial period there are several things expected of the prospective member. They should attend as many weekly meetings as possible.  During this time they should try to meet as many members as possible.  A good way to do this is to sit at different tables during our meetings.  We will ask them to sit in on at least one committee meeting and to participate, if possible, in any work project or fundraiser that might take place during their trial period.

During this trial period, Kiwanis members also have responsibilities too. Kiwanians will get to know the prospective member, to make them feel welcome, and answer any questions that they may have. To make it easy to recognize a prospective members, a new member nametag will be provided for the prospective member to wear.

So come take a "Test Drive" membership and experience the fun and fellowship of being a Kiwanian!!