Serving the children of the world.


2017-2018 Kiwanis Club of Kingsport Officers, Directors and Committees

2017-2018 Officers:

President: Sharon Hayes

Past President: Jeff Little

President Elect: Mark Addington

Vice President: Matt Johnson

Treasurer: Donna Jones

Treasurer Assistant: Darren Murray

Secretary: David Stevens

Administrative Secretary: Lee Cornell


2017-2018 Directors:

Mack Lowe

Tim Miller

Rusty Parise

Jon Peters

Phil Richards




Boys and Girls:

Chair: Susan Herron 

Board liaison:  Tim Miller

Members:  Anne Beckelman, Dennis Davis, Lynn Doane, Amy Edwards, Jerry Johnson, Chris McCartt, Wade McClellan, Tim Miller, Phil Richards, Bill Sade


Committee Description

Responsible for coordinating the annual coats and shoes project, scholastic awards program and small grant requests from community organizations.  Focus is on serving children in the Kingsport area.


 Civic and Business Affairs:

Chair: Rusty Parise    

Board liaison: Jeff Little 

Members:  Bill Anderson, John Campbell, Calvin Clifton, Joe Connelly, MaryLee Davis, Dave Light,

Jeff Little, Ken Marsh, John McKinley, Charlie Nitschke, David Oaks, Richard Venable


Committee Description:

Responsible for coordinating voter education programs prior to local elections, increasing Kiwanis's impact in the community by helping to leverage the skill sets of members to assist in civic and economic development of Kingsport and the region. Should make reports to the Club concerning the current civic and business environment in Kingsport.


Kiwanis Foundation:

Chair: Jeff Little         

Board Liaison: Amy Edwards

Members: Bill Anderson, Everett Bond, Sharon Durnin, Dave Light, Gail Preslar, Peter Raber, Bill Sade


Committee Description:  

Responsible for building a financial base for the Kiwanis Foundation through the identification of new fund-raising projects or other means.


Alzheimer’s Conference Committee

Chair: Hans Kinner, Barry Bailey, Everett Bond, Sharon Durnin, Rusty Parise, Bill Sade, Hans Kinner



Chair: David Atkinson, Bill Anderson, Barry Bailey, Amy Edwards, Peter Raber



Co-Chairs: Andy Straley, Jeff Bedford

Board liaison: Jon Peters

Members: Michael Bird, Pat Breeding, John Hale, Paul Harper, Susan Herron, Herb Ladley, Pam Mahaffey, Charlie Nitschke, Jon Peters, Peter Raber


Committee Description:  Responsible for coordinating the annual Darrell Rice Golf Scramble as the Club's major fundraiser.


Greater Years

Chair:  Ted Hagen II                                                 

Board liaison: Jon Peters

Members: Harold Childress, Wayne Ladd, Jon Peters, Chuck Smith, Andy Straley


Committee Description: 

Responsible for assessing the needs of Kingsport senior citizens and acting on those needs; maintaining the relationship with Kiwanis Towers (provide an Advisory Group consisting of several Kiwanians, organizing a work day, assisting with Christmas party. etc.), schedule members to provide the invocation at weekly meetings and plan the annual Good Friday program.


Children’s Literacy:    

Chair: Les Wright   

Board liaison: Phil Richards

Members:  Pat Brose, Don Campbell, Jim Dickert, Sharon Durnin, George Gibson, Donna Jones, Wayne Ladd, Herb Ladley, Mack Lowe, Phil Richards, Parker Smith, Spencer Snook, Norman Sobel


Committee Description: 

A key focus of Kiwanis is the support and advancement of children's literacy. Our reading partnership with Kennedy and Roosevelt elementary schools is coordinated by this committee which is a substantial portion of its efforts. The committee also disburses funds to organizations in Kingsport that support or promote children's literacy such as First Book, Friends of the Kingsport Public Library and the Literacy Council.


Service Leadership Programs /Key Clubs:

Chair: Kim Frederick

Board liaison: Matt Johnson

Members: David Atkinson, Everett Bond, Pat Breeding, Joe Connelly,

Dan Coughlin, Kim Frederick, Matt Johnson, Pam Mahaffey, Charlie Nitschke, Don Royston, Greg Taylor


Committee Description:

Maintains a relationship with and provides assistance to our sponsored Key Clubs (D-B and South) and our sponsored Builders Clubs (Robinson and Greater Kingsport) the latter of which is located at the Boys and Girls Club.


Service Projects:

Chair:  Pat Breeding

Board liaison: Phil Richards

Members: George Gibson, Ronnie Hammonds, Paul Harper, Danny Karst,

Jeff McKee, Walter Miller, Phil Richards, Chuck Smith, Dave Stevens  


Committee Description: 

Responsible for coordinating the Salvation Army bell ringing program, the Spring and Fall Boundless Playground work days and the Kiwanis One Day project.  Evaluate options for partnerships with other organizations to increase community participating in service projects.


Communications & Promotions

                 Chair: Bill Sade                    

Board liaison:  Sharon Hayes

Members: Everett Bond, Jeremiah Clark, Jim Cornell, Dennis Davis, John Hale, Sharon Hayes, Dave Light, Chris McCartt, Wade McClellan, Dave Stevens, Jud Teague


Committee Description:

Responsible for maintaining our web site; updating the Club newsletter on the web site; issuing publicity releases to local media as appropriate and maintaining our membership directory.



Chair:   Matt Johnson

Board liaisonMatt Johnson

Members: Barry Bailey, Michael Bird, John Campbell, Herb Ladley, Jeff Little,

Darren Murray


Committee Description:

Works with committees to establish the annual budget for the Club and monitors Club financial transactions.  Completes an annual audit and works with Club fundraising efforts.



Co-Chairs:  Bunky Seay, John Hale

Board liaison: Sharon Hayes

Members: Joe Connelly, Jim Cornell, Calvin Clifton, Jerry Johnson,

Tommy Stanley


Committee Description: 

Handles all arrangements for weekly lunch meetings including special set-ups.  Arranges for member and guest greeters, collects badges after each meeting and maintains the Kiwanis banners and nametags.



Chair: Walter Miller  

Board Liaison: Dave Stevens

Members: Joe Connelly, John Crawford, George Gibson, Ken Marsh, David Oaks, Norman Sobel, David Stevens


Committee Description: 

Arranges for one visit to other clubs in Division 7 each month.


Kiwanis Night:          

Co-Chairs: Jim Cornell and Edie Swaim

Board Liaison: Pat Brose

Members: Pam Corrigan, Steve Huret, Donna Jones, Chuck Smith


Committee Description: 

Plans our annual end-of-year celebration of Club accomplishments including food, fellowship and entertainment.


Membership Development and Welfare

Chair:  Gail Preslar                                                                                 

Board liaison: Sharon Hayes

Members:  Jeff Bedford, Everett Bond, Jeremiah Clark, Calvin Clifton, Jim Dickert,

Tom Parham, Spencer Snook, David Stevens, Edie Swaim


Committee Description:  

Responsible for recruitment and orientation of new members, monitoring attendance, welfare of members, contacting members who are in arrears in their financial obligation and review all changes in membership status.



Chair:   Frank Roberts

Board liaison: Sharon Hayes

Members: Everett Bond, Lynn Doane, David Light, Jeff Little


Committee Description:  Responsible for identifying future leaders for the Club and presenting a slate of potential officers to the Club for vote.



Chair:  Ronnie Hammonds                

Board liaison: Mark Addington

Members: Mark Addington, John Campbell, Mary Lee Davis, Bill Dudney,

Alan Hubbard, Ken Marsh, John McKinley, Ryan McReynolds, Roger Mowen, Frank Roberts, Don Royston, Pat Shull, Spencer Snook, Jack Vaughn


Committee Description:

Plans and schedules dynamic, entertaining, and educational programs for Friday lunch meetings.


Risk Management:

Chair: Mark Addington

Board liaison: Mark Addington

Members: Dan Coughlin, Steve Huret, Jeff Little, Bunky Seay


Committee Description: 

Responsible for evaluating and mitigating excessive risk exposures to the Club, its members and guests.